Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission form is below, but please read through these guidelines to ensure a smooth submission experience.

Abstract submission has now closed. If you have already registered and paid but not yet submitted an abstract, please contact us to discuss a late abstract submission before completing this form.

Author list

Please separate multiple authors with commas. For multiple affiliations please include an identifying number in parentheses after each author. These numbers should match with the contents of the Author Affiliations field. For example:

Smith WR (1), Jones PL (2,3), Brown GH (1,2)

Author affiliations

Please use a number for each distinct affiliation and separate multiple affiliations with commas. For example:

1 - Centre for Research, London UK, 2 - Institute of Advanced Science, New York USA, 3 - University of Studies, Bern Switzerland

Abstract Characters Limit

Please limit your abstract to a maximum of 250 words.

Special Characters

The submission format is plain text. For special characters such as Greek letters or mathematical symbols you can use the appropriate Unicode character. For example: α, β, γ, µ, ∑, °, ±, et cetera. Complete lists — from which you can copy-paste symbols — can be found online, for example here or here.

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